Did you know?

Did you know goat's milk is one of the most nutrient dense milks?

Goat milk contains vitamins A, E, C, some of the B vitamins, amino and citric acids, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc. It also contains cream (naturally) which enhances the soaps moisturizing properties as well a natural glycerin. It also has a pH level close to human skin.

By now we all know and love the benefits that come from using aloe vera both internally and topically (If not, I recommend doing a quick google search on aloe vera skin care).

I use both goat milk and aloe vera in my soap recipe, and I'm proud to say the results speak for themselves! So please enjoy a bar (or two) and do your skin and our planet a favor :)

Nutrient rich soap made from scratch. Better for your skin. Better for our planet.

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