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The maker and the mission

Goat Milk Soaps

All of my soaps in the shop are made with creamy coconut milk, goat milk, aloe vera or even beer! You'll notice an immediate difference in the feel of your skin if you've been using commercial soap.


Bubble Bombs

All of my bubble bath treats are super bubbly without containing SLS or dangerous phthalates - so feel free to enjoy them all!


Beeswax Lotion Bars

My beeswax lotion bars are truly The Bees Knees. They are perfect for dry elbows, hands and feet. The best time to use a lotion bar is right after a bath or shower when your skin is lightly towel dried. I love to make them in all different fragrances, but if there's a fragrance you don't see- please let me know and I'll see if I can make one (or 2) for you!



Winner winner chicken dinner! 🙌. Soooo I’ve been looking for a new soap since my old soap changed a few things that resulted in an inferior product. I’ve tried a few other men’s “natural” soaps in my search, as well. But as you know, I’ve recently been trying out your Molly Bubbles’ bay rum, hickory & suede, eucalyptus spearmint (2nd fav), sweet garden lemon, lemon sugar loofah, a patchouli and an oatmeal free sample you included (thank you), evergreen forest, and BLACK SAND CEDAR AND CITRUS!!! My new favorite! I’m going to order a few more. Thanks for helping me find my new Goldilocks soap.


This honey buttered rum soap smells ABSOLUTELY amazing! And it's gorgeous too!

Jess D.

This soap is so pretty and smells so good! Leave the skin so hydrated! Molly's packaging is amazing and her shipping is very fast!


Wow! This stuff is GOOD! I love washing my face with it! I have noticed that after wearing a mask all day at school, this soap is exactly what my face needs to replenish at the end of the day! The smell keeps my sinuses clear and happy and it rinses so clean and doesn't dry my face out!!

Retta N.

Packaged with care and smelling wonderful, my order arrived with these lotion bars and my skin has been moisturized and happy ever since!! I love these lotion bars! I highly recommend them to anyone that has ANY kind of dry skin. They are also great for feet and hands. I like to put it on with some cotton gloves or socks and leave them overnight and they are so nice in the morning!

Retta N.

The rose scent is absolutely perfect! And I love how Molly personalizes everything. Even down to saying “hello” to me and my dogs on the box! I’m definitely a lifetime buyer!

Jenna P.

This is my second time purchasing this scent, and it’s just as amazing as the first bar! Love the combination of lavender and vanilla!

Jenna P.

Literally smells like my lilac bush in the summer!


I received an assortment of soaps and bath bombs and my box smells amazing! Everything was packaged beautifully and shipping was fast. I plan to give a few as gifts but have tried the lavender salt soap and I love it! It makes my skin feel clean, moisturized and it smells wonderful.

Amanda K.